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Right-hand dog-stripping knives

Right-hand dog stripping knives are specialised tools designed for groomers and pet owners to effectively remove dead hair and thin out the coats of right-handed dogs. These knives are tailored to fit comfortably in the right hand, providing precision and ease of use during grooming. The design typically features a handle that conforms to the right hand’s grip, paired with a stainless steel blade with serrated edges. These edges catch and pull out the dead undercoat without cutting the healthy topcoat, promoting more nutritious and lustrous fur. Right-hand stripping knives are essential for maintaining the coat of breeds such as terriers and spaniels, where regular grooming is crucial for their well-being and appearance. Using these tools not only helps reduce shedding but also contributes to the overall hygiene of the dog by removing dirt and debris trapped in the coat.¬†