Home Delivery by DHL.

This is the favorite shipping method for worldwide home delivery. DHL is fast, reliable and well know shipping method all over the world, DHL takes 3 to 5 working days for order delivery.

Home Delivery by UPS.

UPS is second best shipping options for worldwide home delivery. UPS is similarly fast, reliable like DHL. UPS takes 3 to 5 working days. UPS is best shipping option for many European countries. Same day tracking available and provides consistent shipment movements.

Airport Delivery.

Air Cargo is the preferred shipping method for larger order, worldwide. Orders are shipped from our factory  to your nearest international airport. You (or your shipping agent) must go to the airport to collect the shipment and clear your country’s customs requirements.

Our Company is a member of the REX System, which means that minimum import taxes/taxes will be charged in USA, Europe and some other countries.

Air Cargo is the cost-effective, fast and safe shipping method, offering full online tracking.

Seaport Delivery.

This shipping method is most economical and time taking. Shipping cost is significantly lower than the air cargo. Customers must make arrangements to collect the shipment from the destination seaport.

Seaport Delivery is safe and secure and reliable, but no online tracking and takes about 25-40 days for delivery. Lot of port charges are standard regardless the volume of shipment. So it is only preferred for bulk orders.

Customs & Import Duties/ Taxes.

With all orders we quote products cost and shipping only, not including customs clearance, local transport (for airport/seaport deliveries), duties or taxes. We charge our actual shipping costs, including crating, document handling, and cartage. The customer arranges their own customs clearance and local delivery, and pays applicable taxes and fees at clearance.