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Stripping Stones

These stripping stones are an indispensable attribute of every professional groomer and ardent dog owner who does everything he can to keep the pet’s coat in excellent condition. These stones are made of natural material and are gentle enough to be used on sensitive skin. They remove the dead undercoat and loose hair, not cutting or damaging the top coat. These are ideal for hand-stripping techniques and will help improve the coat’s natural texture and health, so they are essential tools in getting show dogs ready or attaining an all-over, well-groomed look.

The gentle action clears unwanted fur and stimulates the skin, which promotes healthier new hair growth and reduces the likelihood of matting and excessive shedding. Stripping stones in regular grooming routines is celebrated for its effectiveness and the natural, healthy look. Stripping stones allows better control over the grooming process, in which only the dead and loose hair gets removed, compared to using clippers or scissors to cut the hair, which may eventually damage the natural laying of the coat.

┬áThis method is especially beneficial for breeds with wiry coats, where maintaining the coat’s texture is paramount. Also, the ergonomic design of the stones means that they easily fit in the hand and are easy to handle, providing a grooming experience that is as pleasant for the groomer as for the dog. Stripping stones are a worthwhile investment for professional grooming results, signalling to the concerned and responsible pet owner that they will be eco-friendly, as they are hard-wearing and sustainable.