The 3 Step Guide to Grooming Scissors for Your Dog

3 Step Guide to Grooming Scissors

It is the mode by which your dog’s coat, skin, teeth, ears, and nails are kept neat meeting health standards. Hence, when it comes to the tools used in grooming both professional and pet genial dog owners, grooming scissors are listed as essential equipment. Traditional by design, these types of scissors are particularly suitable for use in grooming canine hair, apart from making a pet look well groomed, their use can go a long way in preventing skin problems that may arise from a poorly maintained coat.

Types of Grooming Scissors

An important knowledge that should be possessed by a groomer is the type of scissor and their use. Here are the main types:Here are the main types:

Straight Scissors:

These are widely apply on grooming related scissors which are most frequently used. It is available in different sizes and it is recommended for general cutting of lawn and shaping it. It is especially suitable to impart clear, straight parallel lines which are most applicable when drawing the body and legs of the dog.

Curved Scissors:

These scissors are specially designed to be slightly curved in order to neatly trim areas that are hard to reach on a dog such as the legs, paws, around the mouth and eyes. They help to make a natural effect, and they can be recommended for most dog breeds having rounded haircuts.

Thinning Scissors:

Also classified as blending shears, these scissors have a toothed edge on one half of the blade while the other has only a sharp edge. They are used to reduce the density of fur without affecting the length of the fur, allowing blowers to adjust the density of fur to make the fur appear to be more even. They are very critical in establishing professional touch in the targeted regions.


These are a type of thinning scissors with less teeth on them, making them ideal for doing bulk thinning and shaping. They are also perfect for people who are just starting their shaving journeys because they are able to shave the hair effortlessly and the hair does not harden, thus they cannot cause lines on the skin.

Selecting the Right Scissors

When choosing grooming scissors, several factors need to be considered:When choosing grooming scissors, several factors need to be considered:


They range in size, and one should ensure that they get a size that is convenient for the groomer as well as suited for a certain size of the particular dog. Big scissors are appropriate when working with large dogs or great portions of the coat, while the small ones will prove useful when grooming little animals or particular areas of the coat on a big dog’s face or legs.



The best material for grooming scissor is qualified stainless steel. It is tough, keeps a fine and keen edge, and does not readily tarnish. Refinement: Some models are covered with titanium or any other materials in order to provide better stability and more efficient work.


Standing scissors with cushioned handles can help to counteract hand muscle exhaustion, which is critical in sessions whereby the groom is likely to hold the scissors for an extended period. The additional feature of scissors including tension settings ensure much more control and less discomfort when cutting hair.

Grooming Tips and Techniques

When grooming requirements include the use if scissors, it is recommendable to use the right methods only for the best results to be achieved. Here are some tips to help:Here are some tips to help:


To begin with, each animal must have his or her coat free from any dirt and damped. The first step is to comb out the hair to reduce the quantity of tangle and mats to minimize hurting the scissors.

Calm Environment:

Understand that grooming your dog may be stressful so ensure that the environment is quite to minimize stress to your pet. This is so because if the dog is punished by sudden movements or loud noises, then the process will more complicated.


Position the scissors in such a way that they are not parallel to the coat but pointing downward slightly and use sharp, small chops. For straight scissors, cut on a straight line this is basically done using your fingers to control the fur. With curved scissors, try to work around the curves of the dogs.


It is always very important to pay attention to the state of the skin on the body of that dog. Lift the fur away from your skin by using a comb while cutting this way, it will minimize contact between the two hence reducing chances of cuts. Ensure the scissors are clean and in good condition in that they are sharp unlike the older models that have a tendency of pulling or snagging the hair.

Maintenance of Grooming Scissors

Compulsive grooming is another aspect that should be done appropriately to enhance the performance of grooming scissors. Here are some maintenance tips:Here are some maintenance tips:


It is recommended to clean the scissors with a soft cloth after each use to remove must fey hair and / or any grooming product stuck onto the scissors. This way, they will be clean, but not with a harsh chemical fluid that can harm the respiratory system.


It is important to always monitor the sharpness of your scissors As. It was further observed that blunt scissors have the tendency to tear the coat as well as make clipping an arduous task. For its sharpening, it is wise to be sharpened by professional sharpening companies to ensure sharpness of the blades.


When not in use, keep your grooming scissors in a dry safe place that is free from steam or heat. Toavety box can be used to minimize of contact of the blades with hard surfaces as well as othertools that may cause the scissors to become dull.


Indeed, the grooming scissors are a very worthy purchase one has to make when planning to professional groom your dog. So for those grooming professionally and for the pet owner who wishes to groom his or her dog at home using scissors, an overview of the different types of scissors and how to use them can go along way towards helping create a less stressful experience when grooming a dog. It’s always nice to keep our pets groomed and clean, but more than that, grooming plays a critical role in improving the health of your pet.

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